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A road trip to Uttarakhand (#uttarakhandescapdes) with two of my best travel buddies Amit and Sadh last year, will always glow brightly in my memory. Out of places like Nainital, Munsiyari, Ranikhet, Rudraprayag, and Rishikesh, Deoria Tal was exceptional. Tucked away in one of the corners of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 2438 mt/8000 feet, a beautiful place is known for the serenity and the breathtaking view of the #Himalayas that it offers. A place far away from the hustle & bustle of the city life with no hotels, restaurants, bars and other amenities. Deoria Tal is devoid of electricity, mobile network, and population, completely detached from the world allowing you to spend your time with the flow of nature in the lap of the Himalayas. Camping is the only way to spend your night which you can hire. Or, if you are carrying one you can pitch it anywhere by paying a nominal fee to the #Uttarakhand tourism department, and for food, you will have to depend on the locals.

Deoria Tal is 220 km from Ranikhet from where we started our journey hoping to reach the same day. But, that didn’t happen as the weather turned from bad to worse. It started raining, we were drenched and we could only reach till Rudraprayag after dark, a beautiful town at the confluence of two rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini.

Next morning we refreshed ourselves watching the gorge from the balcony of our hotel. It was not raining but the weather was cloudy which made us skeptical about the weather in Deoria Tal. As, if the weather doesn’t improve we will not be able to see the peaks, ruining the whole purpose of visiting the place. So with hearts full of hope we left Rudraprayag in our rear view and resumed our journey towards Deoria Tal, which was just 56 km away. En-route the weather improved, we did not get heavy downpour like the day before but one or two spells of drizzling which didn’t last long and by the time we reached Sari village the sun was playing peek a boo with clouds moving fast above us, which brought smiles to our faces.

Sari village is the base camp for the 3 km trek to Deoria Tal. You will find a few number of shacks owned by the locals which provide camping with fooding at Deoria Tal. We parked our bikes at the front of one of them, a room was provided in which we dumped our saddle and packed the bare minimum necessities in our backpack. After having a belly full of noodles we were ready for the trek.

This 3 km trek which happened to be our first was led by a 10-year-old Princey (the daughter of the owner of the shack) and believe me, it was not easy. The paved stone path ended after some distance and the terrain became more tough with inclines of up to 45 degrees to climb. Our lack of fitness showed early on itself and we were huffing and puffing while climbing the hill. It was getting harder to keep up with Princey as she was dancing her way up. With ample breaks in every 5-10 minutes and the cool breeze with the picturesque view of the valley which accompanied us, we reached the top. Princey took us to the one and only shack at the top which will provide our tents and food for the night. By that time we were starving and we again fed ourselves with noodles from the shack.

After the meal, we trek the last few meters through the woods to witness the magic which was right in front of us.
The pale evening sun disappearing behind fast moving clouds, the lush green tranquil valley waiting for the raindrops, to quench its thirst, amidst all the tall and the cold Himalayas, continues its cold gaze with the lake situated amidst lush green field surrounded by dense trees. We were transfixed at first and later a frenzy stroll around the place grasping the beauty of Deoria Tal.

Deoria Taal: The Landscape on the move. from Rahul Kar on Vimeo.

After a while, right before dark, it started raining and we found a watch tower adjacent to the forest house from where the view of the Himalayas with clouds all around was breathtaking. We stood there until the rain stopped and took some wonderful pictures of the Himalayas.

Chaukambha Peak

Around 8 pm the entire region was engulfed in darkness, so we had our dinner and slipped into our sleeping bags. That night was the best in my life so far.

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