From Royal Enfield To KTM, My Journey Over The Years & Why I Turned Orange!

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It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been touring the country on my motorcycle.


Barring a few highway stints on my previous rides, I essentially started touring after i got my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 which was my humble companion for four long years.
I even named it “SIRIUS” (meaning: the brightest star in the sky after the sun”)





SIRIUS took me to places in almost every corner of the country. From my solo tour of South India to group rides to the hills, SIRIUS and i had our share of fun exploring the unexplored.

The first two-year experience with the bike was fine however in 2015 during my North-Sikkim ride it started giving me issues.







What triggered me was that in spite of getting hold of a mechanic he just couldn’t open the rear wheel (A design issue of Royal Enfield Thunderbirds).

I always do a proper check up and maintenance of the bike before every trip, sadly though even after that while I was en-route Siliguri, my bike was not running smoothly.
There was lack of power even though I was doing only 60 – 70 kmph max on the odo.

After reaching Siliguri I took it to a mechanic and his feedback was that my clutch plate needs to be replaced.
That was not the end to my miseries though, while returning from the trip I had a flat tyre during the night due to which I had to spend an entire night on a roadside shack.

What triggered me was that in spite of getting hold of a mechanic he just couldn’t open the rear wheel (A design issue of Royal Enfield Thunderbirds).

Then in early 2017, I went to Rajasthan and this time it even got worse.

I got a flat tyre before Varanasi, post which my rear brakes stopped working. The hosepipe connecting the brakes had gotten cut off while fixing the tyre after the puncture.
The next day I couldn’t explore Varanasi as planned. I had to fix the braking issue and the hosepipe was out of stock in almost all the service centers of Varanasi.
My co-rider Sohail who was riding a KTM Duke 200 got the KTM manager at Varanasi to help us out for spares for my bike who left no stone upturned to help us out, even that didn’t work out though.
On the flip side, his KTM was performing great.


Finally, I managed to fix the bike in Agra and continued the trip but guess what? It was not over as after that my bike got so many punctures that I forgot the count and realized the importance of Tubeless Tyres.

Fun Fact
An avid lover of music, i love listening to music while riding. During the Rajasthan trip though, the ‘listening to music’ bit started feeling jinxed as every time I’d plug in to my earphones, I’d inevitably get a puncture!


I still remember that night (23rd February 2017). Sohail and i were chilling at our hotel room in Jaipur, the TV was on and we saw that the new 2017 KTM Duke 390 got launched and it was at that moment when I decided to get the bike after the trip.
In fact, the very next day after I returned from the trip, I booked it.

So, far it’s been a year full of adventures with my KTM Duke 390.
I haven’t been to many places with this beast, just went to Meghalaya, Sach Pass and Ladakh all in 2018 and I can say it performed great.c
It wouldn’t be fair if I say that it’s a “no problem bike” it’s not. It has its limitations such as riding comfort, luggage carrying options, off-roading capabilities, and pillion comfort. But, with some tweaks, it can do it all.


Only once I had a heating issue in Himachal Pradesh where the temperature bar went red in the TFT screen and I panicked.

It’s not that the bike stopped or anything it was performing as usual but upon seeing the temperature level I stopped and took a break for 15-20 minutes to cool off the engine and that’s it. It never happened after that. It’s as good as new!


On a funny note, while on our trip to Rajasthan i had my Royal Enfield and Sohail was on his KTM, as of today Sohail happens to ride a Roya Enfield Himalayan and me the KTM Duke 390!



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